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Shaving Brushes

Wellington Silvertip Shaving Brush With Fan Knot

Faux Horn
Union Jack
Faux Red Marble
Faux Porcelain
Faux Ebony
Faux Blue Opal
Faux Ivory

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From the Wellington collection of grooming accessories. Truefitts' silvertip badger haired shaving brushes are hand-made in the UK with the finest quality silvertip badger hair. The fibrous natural bristles of the silvertip badger haired brush hold significantly more water than their synthetic equivalent, making badger haired brushes the best accompaniment to your shaving ritual. Available in Faux Horn, Faux Ivory, Faux Porcelain, Faux Blue Opal, Faux Ebony, Faux Red Marble & Union Jack with acrylic resin base. The Fan knot is 24 mm wide with a 50 mm loft. The handle is 50 mm tall and 35 mm wide at the base.


The Fan:

A fan shaped shaving brush has flat loft, also called fan shaped loft. The outer hairs are similar long as the inner hairs of the knot. This results in a larger surface area of hair, which is in direct contact with the skin. Fan shaped shaving brushes are often used for face lathering. With fan shaped lofts more soap can be absorbed, which is benefiting for face lathering.


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