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Wellington Razor: Double

Faux Ebony
Faux Porcelain
Faux Blue Opal

Selecting this will include 1 complimentary Velveteen Sachet with your Wellington Razor: Double. A velveteen sachet is included upon request to minimize packaging. *Available only when in stock.

Qualifies for FREE shipping. More info

The Double Edge Razor, together with an open razor, is our most traditional choice and its popularity is on a steady increase as men return to the classic way of shaving. For those men who are not comfortable using an Open Razor, the Double Edge Razor is the perfect choice.

Our specially weighted and ergonomically hand-crafted razors are designed to assist in giving you the smoothest, safest shave possible.

To compliment your razor stands are available in the Chrome Curved Razor & Brush Stand and the Chrome Razor Stand and may be selected for purchase under 'Shaving', 'Stands and Mugs' section.

The Wellington Razor is also available with a Mach III or Fusion head. 

Weight 0.15lbs

Product length 110mm

*No returns on used razors/brushes/stands

We offer FREE Standard Shipping for orders over $50 (before tax), $8.95 Flat Rate Standard Shipping for orders under $50 and $15.00 Flat Rate Standard Shipping for orders under $20.

Non-returnable and non-refundable. For full details see our Returns Policy

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tracy Wiswall
Best Double/Safety Razor Ever

So I have been shaving with this razor for about 8 years. It was given to me as a gift. Its the most comfortable safety razor shave I have tried and I have 4 or 5 safety razors. I had a problem with my razor and though they made me find the receipt (no easy task), Truefitt and Hill replaced the razor with a new one. So the razor is excellent (not overstating this at all) and its backed by a company who stands behind their product. I use a ton of their stuff and I have yet to be fact among the many products that I love, I get tones of compliments on the 1805 cologne.

Jeremy Lamont
Wonderful Shaving

I’ve been DE shaving for seven years, now. While I’ve enjoyed Truefitt & Hill’s shaving creams (unmatched, IMO), I ignored the razors. However, I wanted razors with a more luxurious appeal. I purchased a Wellington double-edge razor, earlier this year. What a difference! Regardless of the blades used, I get a very close and comfortable shave with minimal effort or technique. I can even shave my head in record timing.

The Wellington is an excellent razor that doesn’t get enough honorable mentions in shaving circles. The balance of beauty and efficiency is almost mind-boggling.

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