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Truefitt & Hill Disposable Razor Set of 5

Truefitt & Hill Lightweight Disposable Travel Razor. Modeled around our hand-made comfort design the disposable travel razor (with triple bladed head) is perfect for trips abroad or short term use. Item contains 5x travel razors and is presented in a beautiful Truefitt & Hill velveteen bag. The head is not replaceable. 

These disposable razors (good for 2-4 shaves on average depending on one's skin and thickness of facial hair) are fully recyclable, HDPE plastic (Recycling Type 2) with the removal of the blade part. 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jorge Alonso
Hands down best razor

I also discovered these on an Emirates flight and have searched for something comparable but nothing comes close. One of these seems to last me months. I’ve even given these to others as gifts. Amazing.

Outrageously Amazing

I have suffered with extremely sensitive skin since childhood. I am also have significant amounts of scarring on my face which makes shaving am extremely unpleasant and difficult endeavor. This razor is absolutely amazing. The end result is a baby smooth, clean feeling. The angle of the blade allows for an effortless close shave in spots where other razors can't reach. It's heavenly. Treat yourself!!!

Giovanni Wolfgang
By far the best razor I have ever used.

I like others received my razor on a first class flight from Los Angeles to Dubai on Emirates. I shave my head and neck with this razor and have used it for a really long period of time (off and on for two years). I use the razors I have access to from my local stores, the usual five-blade over-priced junk that is only truly sharp once or twice. When my 5 blade razors get dull I reach for the disposable Truefitt & Hill and sure enough it is always still sharper than my hardly used 5 blade name brand garbage. I'm not sure why these razors are so good, I wonder if they are made from some type of really hard steel or have a ceramic coating on the blades? Don't know, but there is no better razor that I have found. This disposable razor has only three blades and is super smooth. It makes me wonder, if by using only three blades the cut hair has more room to exit out of the back and not get clogged. Again, I don't know the secret to the magic this little wonder works, but I will be buying these forever. I suppose I will not buy that many because they last so long.

Frank Venturi
Best Shave Eva!

Like the other three gentlemen I was introduced to the T & H disposable razor on a business class Emirates flight in September 2017. Sydney to Rome.
Best shave and longest lasting disposable razor I've used ( the latter feature helps defray the upscale price tag).
Highly recommend, especially if you have a thick beard / soft facial skin.

Thank you Emirates and T&H

Another Emirates-related review here. Great marketing idea by T&H to get their razors in the amenity kits at Emirates. My Dallas-Dubai trips got me the T&H razors and they've been great. I am going to order more now!

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