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August 03, 2016

As professions go, chefs are on show. With celebrated status and open kitchens, no surprise that many know a thing or two about good grooming.

We met up with Truefitt & Hill loyalist chef and restaurateur Vittorio Colacitti in Toronto recently to talk about how he cares for his appearance on and off shift.

Chef Vittorio Colacitti: Truefitt & Hill Loyalist
Q. How do you get kitchen ready?

A. Health is paramount to not just feeling my best, but looking the part of host and ambassador for my two restaurants. Between basketball and boxing sessions, I love to run.  Toronto's lakefront is home, so the best paths start on the waterfront promenade outside my front door. My workout regimen is a daily priority. So is skincare. I love a steam, exfoliate about once a week and protect my face with a good moisture cream. I like to think it shields the elements in the kitchen -- like heat lamps and oils from the grill -- as much as the sun and wind when I run.


Q.  We all see how hot it gets in the kitchen, how do you stay fresh when greeting guests?

A.  Many people might not know it, but chefs have to stay scent-free. Fragrance can interfere with the taste of the food we prepare. That's why I love the neutral aftershaves and scent-free products that Truefitt & Hill puts out. Nothing interferes with the food I prepare yet my skin looks the best it can. 

Q. When you are not in the kitchen, do you sport a fragrance?

A. I absolutely do. There are times when my scent choice is influenced by the woman in my life to be honest.  I gravitate to Sandalwood and musky notes.

Experience Vittorio Colacitti's restaurant The Good Son in Toronto and Born & Raised in Hamilton, Ontario. For travel information, visit Tourism Toronto or Tourism Hamilton.