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February 19, 2018

From rugged and remote to refined and regal, Truefitt & Hill is trusted by the most intrepid and gallant travelers. Like Arctic expedition leader Alex Hibbert in the polar winds, or the global elite who fly Emirates first class, we believe gentlemen deserve to look and feel their best however and wherever they journey.

Whether you are a high flier or high adrenalin adventurer, we believe when travel calls, you don’t need to sacrifice your grooming routine. We present our tips for looking good on the go, no matter what the extreme or in-between. Here, we highlight some of our products, which promise to make you feel groomed for greatness, whatever your destination.  

Look After Your Skin

Whether its long-haul air travel or polar exploration, the reality is travel takes its toll on our skin. The recycled cabin air in airplanes especially lacks moisture, meaning by the time you land your complexion won’t be looking its finest.

While your body will recover within days from jetlag or the aches from bold adventures, your skin needs a helping hand to self-repair. Products containing Glycolic Acid that penetrates the pores, work fast to combat this wear and tear.

Using our skin range to protect his skin from the raging wind and the deep cold of the Arctic, Alex Hibbert recommends our Intensive Skin Renewal Booster and lightweight Advanced Facial Moisturiser. The two work together to keep the skin hydrated and supple, while the moisturizer also creates a smooth, matte finish and is ideal post-shave.

Keep the Beard in Shape

While Alex will not be shaving for a while, like many of our bearded patrons, he knows the importance of keeping his beard in shape, especially when venturing away from home and the usual routine.

@alexhibbert I don't tend to shave whilst on expeditions (potential for mishaps and besides, more insulation can't be a bad thing) but no fear. @TruefittHill Beard Oil helps keeps it healthy and in order. #Groomingmenforgreatness #truefittandhill #truefittandhillxalexhibbert #thxah

Facial hair wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin, so it’s essential to look after it when traveling. Our Beard Balm is a formulated with Shea Butter and Bee’s Wax to be easily absorbed by the skin, and to nourish, condition and soften even the toughest beard bristles. Alex’s favorite Truefitt & Hill Beard Oil is made with a natural blend of the finest oils to reduce irritation and make the beard look neatly styled. Its subtle crisp scent of Green Tea and Cucumber will leave the wearer feeling clean and refreshed throughout the day ahead.

Feel Fragrant and Fresh

Speaking of scent, whether you’ve got an important business meeting to rush to or a mountain climbing group to meet, at the other end of your journey, you want to create a good impression so smelling pleasant is crucial.

Having served legendary Hollywood stars and royalty since 1805, Truefitt & Hill know how to make any gent look, feel and smell like a new man, ready and confident for the challenges ahead. Our 1805 Shaving Tube offers the classic scent of our signature fragrance in a light and travel-friendly shaving solution that will leave you looking and smelling fresh.

To take your favorite Cologne along on the journey, protect it on the move with a Cologne Travel Holder, a protective leather case that is also suitable for use with Aftershave Balm.

Use Travel Specific Products

Just because you may be traveling, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your grooming. Just ask Emirates!

With a reputation for taking its planes, service, and amenities to the next level of luxury, it’s no surprise Emirates included Truefitt & Hill’s Disposable Travel Razor in their new stylish first-class amenity kits. Modelled around our hand-made comfort design, this triple bladed head travel razor is perfect for trips of all types. Available online in a beautiful Truefitt & Hill velveteen bag, each pack contains five travel razors.

We understand that travel often means you must slim down to the necessities for a trip. To help save space, we suggest travel-size grooming items, like our Sandalwood Travel Set.  Perfect for short trips and carry-on baggage, it features travel-size Sandalwood shaving cream tube and aftershave balm, alongside our Disposable Travel Razor.

Buy a Kit

Lastly, but most essential for a man who is often on-the-go is to buy a kit that contains everything you need for your trip. We recommend the Essential Travel Kit,  a set includes our award-winning Pre Shave Oil, an Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Tube, hand-made Super Badger Shaving Brush and our Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm.

Browse and shop our full range of travel products online.