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March 26, 2018

With the turning seasons, there is more to looking your best than a change of wardrobe and a hair trim. Our team of Truefitt & Hill experts takes a look at six key steps to ready you for the longer days, so you look and feel your blooming best.

1. Try a fresh scent.
Start with the easiest and most elemental way to pick up your mood and sync with the seasonal shift. Fragrances that are lighter, more cheerful and floral perk up your overall presence. Enter the room with a statement scent like 1805 for its lavender heart. A restorative, soothing and classic fragrance can enliven your mood and confidence. Already a fan of 1805? Our West Indian Limes or Clubman colognes are other super choices for Spring to create a crisp confident air of luxury when worn day to night.   

2. Tune up your skincare.
Ridding dry skin from wintery weather is essential for Spring. Exfoliate daily for a healthy glow along with daily cleansing. Follow with a light moisture cream and sunscreen. A gentle reminder that putting your best face forward requires clean skin regularly protected. A lighter touch suits the season.

3. Renew your standbys.
Spring cleaning should extend to your bathroom cupboards and kit bag. Replace outdated creams, balms, and scents. New razor blades are important to avoid nicks and cuts.

4. Expand your kit.
While you are sorting through your grooming goods this Spring, why not experiment with some new tools and haircare treats – such as our luxurious shampoo, conditioner and hair tonics. Renewing your routine could come in the form of a new razor like the Wellington Razor Mach III, a smart-looking, practical shave bowl or updated top-quality manicure set in a butter-soft leather case.

5. Consult a pro.
Maybe it’s time for more than a new treatment. Try a whole new look. More than ever men are settling into the barber chair with the bravery to mix up their look. Make your next barber visit more meaningful with a mandate to enter Spring with a new look. It could lead to a taut beard, a defined hair part, shading or a full-head shave. Put yourself into expert hands and heed their advice to keep current, crisp and refined this Spring. 

6. Try this at home.
Surf our site for sample sized balms, creams, and lotions before you commit to full-sized items. Handy online shopping and home delivery can bring the world’s oldest barbershop’s best to your bathroom. Experiment with your regimen and reap the rewards of a newly restored you.

Happy Spring, gents.