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It’s August. That means it’s already been two months of summer sun - lounging on the beach, relaxing poolside, and generally enjoying life outdoors, and there’s still weeks more to come!

However, along with summer fun comes many factors that can be stressful to hair, even for those who have healthy hair the rest of the year. Exposure to UV rays, chlorinated pool water, sea salt and sweat all damage our hair during the summer months. Dried-out beach-hair, frizzy strands, and fried scalps are just some of the common summer hair problems you may be experiencing.

Rather than wait to deal with your damaged hair when fall comes around, act now to limit the long-term harm to your hair and scalp. There’s still plenty of time to replenish your hair so it feels healthy and looks great for the remainder of summer.

After more than 200 years in the business, at Truefitt & Hill, we know that not all hair is the same – there’s coarse and wavy, straight and oily, thick and curly, to name a few. We believe great hair begins in the shower, and that the kind of hair you have in summer and other seasons should certainly determine the shampoo you're using to wash it. Therefore, we have developed a selection of shampoos suitable for different hair types and invite you to select the right one for you. First, we ask you to take notice of your hair. Is it dry? oily? limp? thinning? Whatever it is your hair is seeking - volume, texture, hold, we offer the answer. 


For Every Day

Swimming every day over summer? The swimming pool can completely strip your hair of its natural, protective oils, while the heavy salt content in ocean water draws moisture out of both your hair and scalp.

Perhaps your hair gets easily greasy and sweaty from running or keeping in summer shape at the gym. Whatever your activity, you need a shampoo you can use every day, and that means a mild solution.  

Fragranced with a fresh rosemary and mint scent, Frequent Use Shampoo rinses away the day and all the gunk that comes with it. Especially suited to oily hair, its moisturizing ingredients like wheat protein coat the hair follicles, creating wonderful separation and texture, helping to prevent styling damage, and leaving your hair shiny and manageable.

For Moisture

If the damage is already done and your hair has become dry and brittle, you can help restore moisture by using the nourishing Moisturising Vitamin E Shampoo, a vitamin E protein and glycerin formula that hydrates from root to tip.

An antioxidant that helps restore and build, vitamin E reduces scalp inflammation and repairs damage to the follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth.

With a subtle scent of lemongrass and bergamot, this shampoo’s Helianthus Annuus seed oil will make your hair sleek and shiny. Perfect for hair management in humid weather, its soy proteins help nourish and infuse hair with clean-to-the-touch volume and a vibrant, soft finish.   

For Sensitive Scalps

Summers can be harsh on your scalp too – causing dryness and sunburns. Dry scalp can damage your hair roots causing long-term damage and thinning.

Promoting scalp health and free of foaming agents, New Coconut Shampoo (SLS/SLES-Free) contains only naturally derived cleansing substances. This luxurious formulation is enriched with glycerine that nourishes the scalp, protecting the follicles and preventing moisture loss and breakage. For top results, follow-up with Replenishing Conditioner introduced below.

For Volume

Seeking more body for limp or thinning hair? Whether high humidity has made your hair fall flat this summer, or you no longer have the lustrous locks of times past, Thickening Shampoo is the solution for you.

Its milk, corn and wheat protein strengthen hair and add loft to the hair follicle, helping hair to appear fuller. Fragranced with a mild citrus and melon scent, this formula lifts the root to give weightless, airy volume. The hair is left soft and full—and maintains those qualities without washing daily.

For the Magic Finish

The ideal follow-on to all of our shampoos, Replenishing Conditioner is the perfect partner to help your hair bounce back from the hazards of summer season. Intensely hydrating, its milk and wheat protein strengthens hair and adds boost, making it also a go-to solution on non-shampoo days.

Together with the shampoo choice that fits your lifestyle, you will have a dynamic duo that will restore your hair to peak condition.

From frizz to flatness, whatever your summer hair issue, with Truefitt & Hill Shampoos and Conditioners as your hair savior, you can now tame the mane this season and beyond.