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October 10, 2019

Summer’s last rays are all but spent, and as we return to more officious matters, it’s time to re-evaluate how to steer towards the Fall season with your best face forward. There’s something particularly glorious about taking a relaxed approach to grooming while on your Summer holiday downtime; the hair product is replaced by a tousle of sea salt, Vitamin D adds a glow that cannot be bottled, and your beard takes on more character as you ease up and enjoy the off-duty leisure time. But now that conkers are forming, nights are growing longer and the office gradually repopulates, there’s a back to school sensibility in the air, and it’s a momentum that should carry into your grooming routine.

Because while a Summer break might be a time to happily tune into your inner Man Friday (even if your escape was to Devon as opposed to a desert island) it’s now time to sharpen up. First up, think about how to reinvigorate your skin; sun can dehydrate skin and Fall's weather can be inclement - clammy one moment, the first chills of Winter emerging the next - so a moisturiser with soothing and protective properties is paramount. Truefitt’s Advanced Facial Moisturiser is a multi-purpose failsafe, designed to protect against sun damage while containing healing allantoin and the powerful antioxidant, vitamin E.

Advanced Facial Moisturiser

Advanced Facial Moisturiser

Carrying on that sentiment to your beard or stubble, after a Summer of shadow and allowing your beard to take on a more fulsome form, the return to business means keeping your jawline neat and smart. If you’re normally smooth of visage, investing in a handsome razor set to mark the onset of a new season will add a little moment of pleasure to your daily ablutions; try the stately Edwardian Collection alongside our Sandalwood Shaving Cream to provide a smooth glide, and finish with the Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm to heal any burn and irritation; you want to return to the office pristine and polished, not spotted with cuts about your sharp new shirt collar.

Edwardian Razor Set

Edwardian Collection

And if you’re bearded, tame the tufts that have been left to languish during the summer sojourn. After a trim at our St James’s emporium, apply the Gentleman’s Beard Balm to ensure your beard is luxuriant and polished.

Truefitt & Hill Beard Balm

Beard Balm

Likewise, a brisk re-evaluation of your hair is in order when you’re heading back into more orderly, upright situations. The tousled tresses of the sun-lounger don’t quite cut it with the sharp silhouette of a shirt collar and suit, and Fall's the time to pull out the tailoring big guns, with solid shapes and weightier fabrics. Offset that sense of properness with a clean, crisp approach to hair grooming; a slick of Hair Management Pomade will ensure a sharpness and sleekness that shows you mean business when back in the boardroom saddle.

Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Pomade

Hair Management Pomade

So as the days begin to shorten and our focus starts to turns from the relaxation of the Summer holidays back to the routine of Fall and all that comes with it, it is imperative to get back on top of your grooming regime, to ensure you are looking your best.