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Soap and water does not a skincare routine make.


Minimalism is wonderful when it comes to home furnishings and art, but a good regime should not begin with the thought that skin care is unnecessary and should be distilled to a single act — washing your face with whichever soap is closest to the sink.


Our faces are front and centre in our lives, and we should be mindful of caring for our visages, even if we do so with simplicity. While many of us might recognize that skincare is important, the term for men can be considered somewhat nebulous in addition to feeling slightly frivolous. A proper regime needs to be neither of these.


While skincare needs are different and tailored routines vary for every man — we do recommend practicing a few cardinal rules that will deliver your skin from a number of unsavoury fates.  If you’re new to skincare, don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of a regime — you’re likely already practicing most of these without thinking twice, and together they are the foundation of skincare salvation.


For your introduction into building a skincare regime, we recommend Truefitt & Hill's Authentic No.10. An excellent option for men looking to build a good grooming routine — No.10 is a traditional Truefitt & Hill pick, enriched with Willow Bark and Borage Oil making it a gentle, but effective choice for skincare needs.


1. Begin with a good facial cleanser.


While this seems intuitive, it’s a rule that many of us are guilty of breaking. Between hot showers and harsh soaps, skin gets dry and ultimately wrinkly. 
A good cleanser for men involves two major capabilities: It’s important to pick a cleanser that hydrates while cleansing — eliminating the dry and tight feeling that comes with using everyday hand soap, and it’s important to pick a cleanser that exfoliates, removing dead skin and revealing a brighter, newer complexion underneath.


Our suggestion: No.10 Cleansing ScrubIt helps to stimulate skin-cell renewal with a gentle exfoliation; it is deep cleansing and toning. A great way to prepare the skin for a perfect shave.


2. Invest in a razor worth keeping.


A quality razor can and should be an item that lasts a lifetime, so its important to choose your tool wisely.


Several features contribute to making a razor a worthy tool — a pleasing exterior, satisfying weightiness, and above all else, the ability to deliver a close, clean shave in the least number of strokes possible. Repeat razor strokes lead to skin irritation, which leads to redness, bumps, ingrown hairs, and a host of other unwanted skin issues that generally come from cheap disposable razors. Between blade choices, safety razors and straight razors — decision making should be made based on personal needs and whether you're interested in replacing blades over time.


The dual component to a good shave is a great shaving cream — preferably one with some nourishing and protective properties to get the most out of your shave. Shaving cream is the key to providing a barrier of protection while shaving, so it’s important to pick one that offers a thick lather, allowing for a silkier shave . We recommend that you shave immediately after showing as your hairs will be significantly softer from the warm water and steam.

Our suggestion:  No.10 Finest Shaving Cream: It delivers a luxurious lather for a smooth and comfortable shave, while also moisturising and softening the bristles of your shave brush.
Or, for extra sensitive skin: No.10 Sensitive Shave Gel: It helps to reduce inflammation, redness and swelling as it calms, as well as soothes, irritated skin. Its rich formulation reduces razor burn for a closer, yet more gentle, shave.

3. Aftershave shouldn’t be an afterthought.


Your aftershave is responsible for soothing the skin post-shave, as well as sealing the shave and providing a barrier against the air now that you're bare. As a rule, your aftershave should be alcohol-free because alcohol dries your skin, and dry skin means wrinkles. Why not avoid these while we still can, and minimize what's already happening to us?
Our suggestion: No.10 Post Shave Cologne Balm: It helps to soothe and condition the skin, while reducing discomfort and irritation caused by shaving.


4. Yes, you do need a moisturizer.


Many of us assume that having naturally occurring oils on our face mean that moisturizer isn't necessary. We beg to differ.

Although it sounds counterintuitive to apply a moisturizer to normal to oily skin, it actually will help reduce sebum production and give skin a better texture with the proper use of certain types of oils. Our skin over-produces oil when it feels as though it's too dry, so creating a moisturized environment will keep overproduction at bay and regulate oil production from our pores.

What's more, moisturizing daily will give you softer skin that will help hair grow out more evenly and eliminate pesky, irritated skin from new grown hair. 

Our suggestionNo.10 Optimum Moisturiser. This pro-active moisturiser contains the anti-ageing peptide, Tego Pep 4-17 which will help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smoothen the skin surface, increase skin elasticity and aid in boosting collagen. It provides 24-hour moisturisation and a non-greasy / matt finish.

5. Take the time.


Set aside a small amount of time to complete the above steps, whether it’s every day or a few times each week. Think of it as a ritual for betterment, or at the very least, me time. We don’t think twice about twenty minutes of television, five minutes to grab a morning coffee, or an hour to hit the gym every day — we should pay our faces the same consideration as we do the rest of our bodies, and minds.

Whether you’re new to skincare, or elevating your daily routine to something more complete — we assure you that your face will thank you.