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How To Be A Classic Gentleman — As Told By Truefitt & Hill's Famed Clients

Grooming History Style

You’ve found your perfect hairstyle, ordered a beautifully bespoke suit and completed the look with a dash of Truefitt's own 1805 Cologne. But something’s missing.

Becoming a classic gentleman is harder than it looks, but worry not, for those seeking out timeless style, inspiration isn’t far away.


Over two centuries, Truefitt & Hill has served many of history’s most celebrated men – and each has a lesson or two for those of us keen to elevate our aesthetic and cultivate our presence. Let's see what some of our greatest patrons have to offer on the topic of individual presentation.


Beau Brummell

The original dandy, Brummell blew his early 1800s fortune by becoming the best-dressed man in London. His meticulous morning routine was so famous that well-to-do locals (including the Prince of Wales) dropped by to see how it was done.

Lesson: It’s all about the details. Never forget to straighten your tie, line-up those cufflinks or give your waxed moustache an extra twizzle.


Oscar Wilde

The late 18th-century’s most stylish bon vivant dominated parties with his rapier-like wit. His still-quotable lines include: “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken” and “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Lesson: From witty one-liners to clever ripostes, great men are brilliant conversationalists.


Fred Astaire

An idyllic combination of style, charm and seemingly effortless grace, Astaire’s twinkle-toed deportment made him a classic gent. Always humble, he explained his talent in these terms: “I just put my feet in the air and move them around.”

Lesson: Elegant-looking men need the dance moves to match: leave the house every morning as if you’re Puttin’ on the Ritz.


Cary Grant

The well-groomed legend topping Hollywood’s best gent list started life as Archie Leach. His secret? Reinventing himself with a suave but accessibly understated persona. Or as Grant said, “Simplicity is the essence of good taste.”

Lesson: It’s never too late to recast yourself as a discerning modern gent.


Frank Sinatra

History’s greatest crooner added an important characteristic to modern masculinity: individuality. Challenging classic gentlemanly approaches, he introduced his own tough guy edge. Or, as Sinatra once said, “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”

Lesson: Don’t slavishly copy everything that others do – give it your own spin.


History's greatest men may offer differing opinions on what constitutes signature style, but one thing is for certain—grooming for greatness begins with Truefitt & Hill. 

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